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Alternative Thoughts on Mild Depression

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

I have struggled with mild depression on and off in my life and have noticed something interesting within the last ten years. I find that there are time periods, especially in the colder months, where my body and my mind slow down. This makes me feel depressed and I attempt to do all the things I know of to get back to my “normal” self. I drink coffee, try to feel happy, go out with friends, get exercise, make lists of goals I must accomplish…but I continue to feel fatigued and sad.

I struggle against my current state and attempt to cling to the activities and mindsets that were satisfying when there was a different energy pattern moving through my life. Living in a society that puts a high value on happiness, lightheartedness and generally avoids and denigrates other emotions, it is easy to develop a sense of guilt about not being able to be joyful and energetic. The guilt and avoidance of heavier emotions and energy states is often what contributes to the real depression that can lead to self-harm and suicide.

What I have found, is that if I chill out and allow myself to slow down and enter the lower frequency that is flowing through my life, I am able to find something of great value there. Yes, others may not want to spend time with me and I may seem like a “wet blanket” during this time to those who have a higher frequency of energy permeating their beings, but I enter into connections with the earth, the plants, rocks, the universe, myself, ideas, creativity and other people who are in a deep place. When I am happier and on a higher frequency I am

unable to capture all that is happening on these lower frequencies. Lower frequencies have gotten a bad rap in the new age scene; we have gotten the message that low frequency is equivalent to “bad” and we must avoid it at all costs. My experience is different. I enter it and find what is there. My greatest healing, insight, and connections develop from this place.

Moderate to severe depression can be dangerous and entering into the frequency may not be appropriate. For those who are experiencing depression it is important to work through these emotions and energy shifts with a qualified counselor.

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