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Embracing Your Current Self

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Many of us are on paths towards self-improvement and we spend a lot of time working on bettering ourselves. This is a wonderful process and is part of what makes Ashland such a thriving and beautiful community. But, often times this can involve strain and we can be really hard on ourselves. We restrict ourselves in our diets, our “negative” emotions, our posture, our thoughts, our vocabulary, the people we spend time with, and in other areas. We are conscious of non-violent communication, and make sure to smile at the people we cross on our paths even if we don’t feel like it. We do Yoga, Pilates, Cross-Fit and other health promoting activities. These can be wonderful and healthy things. But, when do we get a chance to just be ourselves and love ourselves exactly as we are?

I remember coming to these realizations when I was at an intensive three week yoga teacher training. I though “I just want to slouch, is it really even healthy for me to be focusing on my posture while I am enjoying a meal with me colleagues?” That was almost ten years ago, I now run Holistic Solution where I provide counseling, energy healing, and flower essence therapy for people. I love working with clients who are on paths toward healing and self-betterment! The pattern that I am seeing, however, is that we would benefit from more trust in our true natures, more unconditional self-love, and embracing the current self.

I am writing this article as a reminder to love you for exactly who you are in this moment. Sometimes the desire to improve ourselves can become an unhealthy, and anxiety promoting, addiction. I am not suggesting that we stop improving ourselves, however, I believe that it is healthier to spend the majority of our time accepting and loving ourselves as we are and living from a sense of trust in our natural being. Put a time limit on the amount of time you spend thinking of and acting on self-improvement and actively embrace your body, mind, spirit, and life for what it is right now!

You may be interested to discover that this will naturally, and without strain, lead you to self-improvement!

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