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Counseling/Therapy -Telehealth


My focus is on validating your emotional experience, allowing you to be seen and heard with understanding and compassion, connecting you with your body, and encouraging authentic expression.  


I work from the premise that each individual has within them the ability to be whole and thrive. As children and throughout life we are reinforced for certain behaviors that are not in our true nature and we let go of some of our inherent gifts because they are not reinforced.

When we are unable to express our true nature, our light, and our talents we lose our way and become imbalanced. My job is to reconnect you with your true self so you can be the joyful and healthy person you were born to be.

You will have the option of incorporating holistic modalities into your therapy including Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Medicine, mind/body focusing, and meditation.


$150-$250 per session

Accepts Jackson Care Connect

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