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Lyme Literate Psychotherapy

I offer online video and telephone sessions using a HIPPA compliant and easy to use platform.

Lyme is a complex disease that is little understood by the mainstream medical system or the general public .  Those who suffer from chronic Lyme are often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, not given adequate treatment, and left feeling confused, scared, and alone.  Chronic Lyme can contribute to a myriad of of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, OCD, and panic attacks.  It can be very beneficial to work with a Lyme literate psychotherapist who can give you understanding and guidance through your recovery.

Are you struggling with Lyme disease and looking for a therapist who understands the complicated nature of this disease?


 I have walked through the Lyme maze and am deeply passionate about helping others who suffer from Lyme.   I spent years suffering from debilitating symptoms and am now able to enjoy my life once again.  I know first hand how overwhelming and painful Lyme can be.


You will have the option of incorporating holistic modalities into your therapy including Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Medicine, mind/body focusing, and meditation.


$150-$250 per session

Online counseling available

Spring Forest
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