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Second Degree Reiki Certification Class teaches three ancient, powerful, healing symbols. Highly effective, these symbols support healing and expansion in all areas of life, both for yourself and others. These sacred symbols are the key to why Reiki is a path that can lead to enlightenment and inner peace.

Class provides precise instruction for application of these symbols as well as ample time for hands-on practice in integrating the symbols into Reiki sessions on self and others. You receive a Reiki II Attunement which takes you a quantum leap in your effectiveness as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. You leave class with your Reiki Second Degree Certificate and a deeper experience of the extraordinary healing and transformative powers of Reiki.

The purpose of this program to enable participants to acquire the theory and hands-on skill needed to practice Reiki Level II to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and promote healing in self and others. These skills enable participants to provide emotional support and the flexibility of offering Reiki energy without the need to touch the recipient

This workshop is designed and  facilitated by Jeannie Herman, MS, LPC. Jeannie has more than 20 years of experience working with clients and teaching holistic wellness. 

Saturday, October 20th

11:00am to 5:00pm


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