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Because of the nature of the Master level and the energies that become available to us, being a Reiki Master can be an ongoing process involving continuous growth.  With the Master Attunement and the use of the Master symbol, we receive the opportunity to open more and more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki and to develop in ourselves the qualities that are contained in the Reiki energy.  The Japanese name for the master level of Reiki is Shinpiden which means ‘Mystery Teaching’.  When we receive the final Usui Symbol and the Attunement that empowers it, this creates the possibility for us to become aware of the Ultimate Reality.  Reiki comes to us by the Grace of the Universal Life Force and it is this same Grace that heals us and fosters our personal growth.  Reiki respects our free will and does not force development on us, but if we seek and intend it, then certainly we will be guided to experiences beyond our greatest imaginings.

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