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Creating Calm and Confidence

After years of helping clients who struggle with anxiety and stress related disorders, Jeannie Herman, MS, LPC, has designed a course that combines the most effective treatments and compiles them into an easy to use and cost effective, program.


Jeannie has found that many people have not been getting the help they need because they do not have the time to make it to regular therapy appointments, they cannot afford therapy, or their anxiety is preventing them from feeling comfortable to meet with a therapist.  This program makes getting relief accessible to almost everyone.

Each week you will receive a new mindfulness audio meditation, a weekly journal template (based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness), an exercise journal, a new "tips and skills" handout with powerfully useful information to move through anxiety and stress, and a video of Jeannie Herman, MS, LPC explaining how to use this information and how it can change your life.

If you would like to offer a donation, please do so using the PayPal button to the right. Thank you! 

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